We back up the most comprehensive MCAT prep course with a formidable stack of course materials: six study guides, six classroom companions, four workbooks, and eleven full-length, computerized practice tests. The central pillar is the highly acclaimed Examkrackers Complete MCAT Study Package that, unlike the “textbooks” used by other prep companies, is concise, clear, simple to use, in full colour, and perfectly tailored to the MCAT. We’ve not only designed the best prep course and hired the best prep instructors, we’ve included the best study guides too.

6 Examkrackers Study Guides

A good set of study guides is almost as essential as the instructors for your MCAT preparations. You're dealing with more information than any class you've ever taken before. Well-organized study guides help you manage it.

Many students make the mistake of cramming their heads full of information. But brute force won’t help you succeed on the MCAT. You have to develop a strategy by “knowing what you need to know.”

Good study guides give you everything you need to prepare for the MCAT without overwhelming you with superfluous material. They’re your go-to source to prepare for the next class and to look up things you’ve forgotten.


Customized to the MCAT

The Examkrackers Study Guides aren’t general textbooks. They’re meant to help you learn the material and master the problem-solving skills you need to do well on the new MCAT. They have plenty of practice MCAT questions, and strike the right balance between explanation and practice.

Comprehensive, Concise, and Focused

Some MCAT prep companies think they’re giving you more value by pumping their study guides full of facts. But all you get is hundreds of pages of extraneous information. The Examkrackers Study Guides presents only material you need to know for the test – no more, no less.

Integrated into the Classroom

It’s not enough simply to include relevant information in the study guides. You need to review it in class too. Some companies assume that students will cover much of the material on their own. Not us – we cover the entire set of study guides in the classroom.


Good study guides make complicated concepts easy to understand, stepping you through the problems you’ll encounter on the MCAT. The Examkrackers Study Guides aren’t full of jargon. They’re designed to help you quickly and easily find the information you need, with simple and clear explanations.

6 Prep101 Classroom Companions

We offer a Classroom Companion with each one of our study guides. They’re designed to reinforce what you just learned in the guide, and are meant to add even more structure to the class. They also make it easier to take notes by providing a framework that helps you focus on what the instructor is telling you.

Prep101 is strongly committed to providing a uniquely interactive, dynamic learning environment for students taking our prep course. Passively listening to an instructor droning on and on is no way to learn a subject. Students learn best by doing, and the classroom component of our MCAT prep course follows the principle of active learning.

Our classrooms aren’t university lectures. They’re highly structured study groups for highly motivated, self-disciplined adults focused on preparing for a very tough exam. We challenge our students to contribute to an intensive learning environment, and we expect our instructors to keep them fully engaged throughout each two-hour lesson.

Our Classroom Companions are the foundation of this active-learning environment. They include:

  1. Fill-in-the-blank in-class exercises to be completed under the guidance of an expert instructor. This interactive approach fosters deep learning of the concepts in the Study Guides.
  2. Critical thinking exercises that challenge students to quickly analyze new and complex material as they work through tricky questions on testable MCAT concepts.
  3. Fully solved examples of difficult, high-yield MCAT problems with detailed step-by-step problem-solving methods to help you recognize and solve these recurrent question types.
  4. Stand-alone practice questions for each lesson that thoroughly reinforce comprehension.

6 Workbooks

Improving your MCAT score comes down to hard work and practice, practice, practice – and yet more practice. That's why we provide you with 6 extra workbooks – 2 for sciences, 2 for Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills and one for Workshops. They include thousands of passage-based practice MCAT questions with full solutions to be used in our workshops and for additional at-home practice.

mcat-workbook-biological mcat-workbook-behavioralmcat-workbook-cars1 mcat-workbook-cars2mcat-workbook-physicalmcat-workbook-workshops

11 Computerized Practice Tests

Our prep course includes eleven full-length computerized practice tests designed to correspond to the new MCAT. These simulated MCAT tests accustom students to the new test’s timing, computer interface, interdisciplinary approach, and topics. Once you’ve taken our MCAT prep course, you’ll be that much more confident when you take the real thing.

36 In-Class Exams

Our 36 in-class exams cover only the topics you just learned in the preceding lesson. Using what you’ve learned directly after you’ve learned it is the best way to ensure that your newfound knowledge really sticks.

Our passage-based in-class exams are an excellent way to apply that knowledge, and we’re the only company that provides them. After each one, the instructor walks you through it and shows you how to analyze the passages, dissect the question stems, and work the answer choices.

We’ve used these methods for many years, and they’ve been proven to work. When we survey our students, they consistently report that our in-class exams are an excellent way to apply their new knowledge and become better problem solvers. Using our methods, you’ll approach every passage with confidence, even if you’re not familiar with the specific topic in the passage.

In-Class Exams
(1-2 hours)
Bio/ Biochem
Psyc/ Soc
Chem/ OChem

Online Lectures

At Prep101, you don’t have to match your schedule to ours. If you’re taking our classroom course, we give you the flexibility of attending each lesson on a weeknight or the weekend. Your choice. Can’t make either lesson? Not a problem.

We post all our lectures online, so you can watch them whenever it’s most convenient for you. Now there’s no way you can fall behind. But that’s not all. You can view our Online Lectures* for a full year after the prep course ends. Need to go over some concepts? Review any lecture as often as you want, whenever you want. It’s a great way to reinforce what you’ve learned. And the best part? There’s no extra charge.

Prep101 students can also log into our Online Forum where instructors will answer your questions, and you can interact with fellow students preparing for the MCAT.

*Note: Does not include Workshops and In-Class Examinations.


Our 2016 MCAT Prep Course runs:
May 23 to July 30, 2017

The best value of all MCAT prep courses
(Includes all course materials)

“I took the course because it kept me focused on what was important”

- Rachel D.