Prep101 gives you the perfect balance of increased hours, top-rated instructors, problem-solving, and flexibility. You get more in-class testing and review, and our course is structured to keep you energized and focused every step of the way. And with our unlimited free repeat policy, you can keep taking our course until you’re sure you’re ready for the toughest test you’ll ever write.

We know a thing or two about prep courses. Since 1999, we’ve helped over 400,000 students improve their marks. We can help you too.

Unique Course Features:

146 Hours of Classroom Instruction

The most comprehensive MCAT prep course in Canada spread over 10 weeks to give you ample time to digest everything.

One thing that really sets us apart from other prep companies is the total hours of classroom instruction. This matters because students get plenty of valuable in-person time with our expert instructors. Working in a classroom also keeps you much more focused than watching online lectures by yourself at home, where there’s always something to distract you.

Coming into class every week keeps you on schedule too, and having readings to do beforehand boosts your self-discipline. There’s also that camaraderie that comes from working on a shared problem with your fellow students. Simply put, we believe students learn best in the classroom, which is why we offer more classroom hours than anyone else.

Classroom hours
Hours of classroom instruction
Classroom hours on new CARS section
Classroom hours on new Behavioral Sciences section

Flexible Schedule

Classes offered twice weekly to give you the choice of weeknight or weekend lectures – or both. It's your call.

We’re the only MCAT prep company that lets students customize their weekly schedule. We present each of our classes on a weeknight and again on the weekend. We sometimes have different instructors for the weeknight and weekend class too, giving you varying perspectives on the material if you attend both.

You can go to either or both classes, depending on the weekly schedule. No need to tell us in advance – just show up! Students who take our course always tell us just how much this helps them manage busy summer schedules. No other company offers this.

Your own customized MCAT Prep Course:

Each lesson is offered twice. Once on a weekday, and once on a weekend.
You can go to either, or both!

Unlimited Free Repeat Policy

Take our course as many times as it takes to get you ready with no strings attached.

One of Prep101’s goals is to give you the confidence to do as well as you possibly can on the MCAT. If you still don’t feel fully prepared for this challenging test after taking our course, we encourage you to take it again. No extra charge; no questions asked.

Unlike our competitors, you can repeat at any time without restrictions. No other company can offer this kind of flexibility with their schedule, and it’s a big reason why students come to us.

Repeat Policy
Unlimited Free Repeat Policy


Our MCAT prep course has before-class and in-class portions. Each has dedicated study materials designed specifically to maximize your gains all along the learning curve.

Our Examkrackers Study Guides cover the MCAT in 41 separate lessons. Students read a chapter and work through 24 practice questions before each class. This familiarizes you with the basics ahead of time, which is a real confidence-booster going into class.

Once you’re in class, the instructor delves deep into complex MCAT applications by covering the chapter’s key concepts and working through our Classroom Companion’s drills and critical-thinking exercises. Following that is a 30-minute passage-based in-class exam on the lesson’s topics. You write it and then the instructor reviews it with you.

Learning by doing is always best. You won’t get this much in-class testing and review from most other companies. In fact, most deliver the majority of their course hours online, which just can’t compare to face-to-face classroom work.

With years of experience in developing study material and classroom instruction, we know how to set just the right rhythm to keep you focused. After taking our course, writing MCAT passages and questions will be second nature for you.

Before Class

Before Class

  • Read Study Guide chapter
  • Complete 24 practice questions

After Class

In Class

  • 1 hour review of key concepts plus critical thinking drills in Classroom Companion
  • 30 minute In-Class Exam
  • 30 minute review of In-Class Exam


Everything you need to succeed on the new MCAT is here.

We’ve thoroughly revised our course to match the structure of the new MCAT. That’s why the time and course materials devoted to each subject are in proportion to their importance on the new MCAT.

Prep101 delivers 146 hours of classroom instruction. You get 41 lessons, with most followed by a 30-minute in-class exam and a 30-minute review of that exam. After many years of delivering prep courses, we’ve learned that this format keeps you energized and focused as you master the problem-solving skills you need to answer passage-based questions.

One thing that sets us apart from any other prep company is our focus on the new Critical Analysis and Reading (CARS) section. This section replaces the Verbal Reasoning section, which is the one area that gives students the most trouble and which carries a lot of weight with most medical schools. That’s why we devote more classroom hours to CARS than any of our competitors. We spend more time than anyone else on the new Behavioral Sciences section too.

We also devote much more time to problem solving than other MCAT prep companies. Our prep course includes 36 in-class exams and 28 workshops to work through thousands of passage-based questions. As anyone can tell you, the best way to learn is by doing, and that’s where you’ll make the most progress.

Classroom Hours Lessons (1-2 hours) In-Class Exams (1 hour) Workshops (2 hours)
Bio / Biochem 36 14 10 4
Psyc / Soc 24 8 8 4
Chem / OChem 32 8 7 4
Physics 22 7 7 4
CARS 32 4 4 12
Total 146 41 36 28

More Course Features:

Team of Expert Instructors

Instructors make the difference between a great prep course and one that's merely so-so. That's why we've worked so hard to ensure that ours are the best in the business.

Only the best instructors work for us. They really set us apart.

Yet it’s not enough to know the MCAT better than any other instructors. They have to know how to teach too. We put them through competitive auditions with an audience of students, and we select only those who score top marks. After all, who’s better qualified than students – your peers – to decide who to hire?

Meet our Instructors

41 Lessons

Our 41 lessons cover everything you need to know to excel on the new MCAT.

The new test is nearly twice as long as the old one and has three more subjects, so it’s even more important to devote as much time in the classroom as possible to learn what the MCAT is all about and how to prepare for it. That’s why we spend more time with students going over the MCAT’s new subjects than any other company.

(1-2 hours)


Bio/ Biochem


Psyc/ Soc


Chem/ OChem






28 Workshops

To get a competitive MCAT score, you need strategy, timing, analytical reasoning, and critical thinking – all qualities of a skilled physician.

Our instructors teach valuable strategies and skills, and provide critical thinking drills in every lesson. But our 28 two-hour workshops are devoted solely to high-yield test-taking techniques such as effective time management, passage mapping, and elimination and prediction multiple-choice strategies. We believe that practice makes perfect. By constantly going over passage-based questions, you’ll become a better problem solver and get a higher score.

It’s also worth noting that we devote 12 workshops (24 hours) to the one section that gives students more trouble than any other: Critical Analysis and Reading Skills (CARS). It’s an important section, as most med schools weigh it the most heavily when they assess applicant’s scores.

(2 hours)


Bio/ Biochem


Psyc/ Soc


Chem/ OChem






36 In-Class Exams

Our 36 in-class exams cover only the topics you just learned in the preceding lesson. Using what you’ve learned directly after you’ve learned it is the best way to ensure that your new-found knowledge really sticks.

Our passage-based in-class exams are an excellent way to apply that knowledge, and we’re the only company that provides them. After each one, the instructor walks you through it and shows you how to analyze the passages, dissect the question stems, and work the answer choices.

We’ve used these methods for many years, and they’ve been proven to work. When we survey our students, they consistently report that our in-class exams are an excellent way to apply their new knowledge and become better problem solvers. Using our methods, you’ll approach every passage with confidence, even if you’re not familiar with the specific topic in the passage.

11 Computerized Practice Tests

Our revamped prep course includes eleven full-length computerized practice tests designed to correspond to the new MCAT. These simulated MCAT tests accustom students to the new test’s timing, computer interface, interdisciplinary approach, and topics. Once you’ve taken our MCAT prep course, you’ll be that much more confident when you take the real thing.


Our 2016 MCAT Prep Course runs:
May 23 to July 30, 2017

The best value of all MCAT prep courses
(Includes all course materials)

“I took the course because it kept me focused on what was important”

- Rachel D.